CODELOCK V2.0 - Engine

The Codelock Engine is the background "engine" encryptor system used by the full version Codelock V2 encryptor.

With the Codelock V2 Engine, you can encrypt your files "on-the-fly" (invisibly in the background) all online in real-time. The Engine is a separate component and does NOT require the standard Codelock V2 encryptor.

The differences are:

  • Automatic encryption of your scripts online in real-time
  • Customized encryption according to your own "signup form" details
  • Small, easy to install (13k file) - The ZLIB module is required
  • Includes All the encryption functions of Codelock V2
  • Encrypt any PHP scripts on the fly - Invisibly

The engine can sit on your server and work with your existing software/scripts. When a client signs up for your software, you can parse the values through to the engine. You can pass through values such as: Name, Business Name, Address, Country, IP Address or URL address, expiry and Unlock Key. You can generate a key from a combination of your clients details or simply a random key (This can be done easily enough in PHP). Remember, Codelock will encrypt your files according to the key you specify.

Once you pass the values through to codelock_engine.php (the standalone 'engine' file) the encryptor will encrypt your software/scripts on the fly in real-time according to your own key, user details and URL/IP. Your files will then be stored in a folder (which you can specify) as separate files AND as a ZIP file. This all happens invisibly in the background (without any screen output) from the engine file.

Your client can then be directed (via email by your own signup script) to download their unique software from your website (as one ZIP file). You can also send them their key via email for extra security.

The following values can be passed through to the codelock_engine.php:

  • $key --- Specify your own unlock key
  • $exp --- This is a number of days you want the script to expire
  • $expwhen --- Expiry time. The values are specdate or runtime
    runtime = Will expire $exp number of days from the date when script is first run.
    specdate = Will expire on a specific date (which must be specified with the day, month, year values)

    $day --- can be specified for specdate option
    $month --- can be specified for specdate option
    $year --- can be specified for specdate option
  • $ip --- can be a URL or IP (can also contain more than one separated with commas)
  • $usezlib --- Use ZLIB when encrypting (y/n)
  • $encbrowser --- Encrypt browser output (y/n)
  • $expiry --- Customize your own expiry message
  • $decfilename --- Specify your own decryptor filename
  • $coname --- End Users name/business name
  • $scriptname --- The name of your script/software
  • $extranotes --- Extra notes
  • $filename --- Specify at least one file within the folder you wish to encrypt
  • $foutput --- Specify a subfolder name for your destination files
  • $exclude_files --- Exclusion list (separated by a comma). Specify files that you do NOT want to be encrypted (These files CAN be PHP files)
  • $pass_other_files --- The Codelock engine will pass all other files (files from the exclusion list and non-php files) through to the folder and final ZIP file. Value = y or n
  • $zip_name --- You can specify the name of the ZIP file that will contain your files
  • $glicense --- This will automatically generate the codelock decryptor file (without the need for a filename)

All you need to do is:

1. Setup the engine on your server
2. Create your purchase form (as you normally would)
3. Pass the values you want through to the codelock_engine.php
4. Send an email to your client with the URL to get their ZIP file and their unlock key

Examples of using the engine can be:

Scenario #1
If all your files are in one folder, you can encrypt the entire script(s) on the fly. You can use the following procedure:

1. Create your purchase page
2. Allow your clients to pay for your software

3. Pass the variables from the signup form through to the engine with your specifications
4. The engine will zip all your files into 1 zip file
5. Offer your software for download

Scenario #2
If all your files are in different folders, there is another alternative:

1. You encrypt all of your script(s) using Codelock V2
2. You allow your clients to download your encrypted code (including subfolders) etc perhaps in ZIP format before paying for the software but REMOVE THE DECRYPTOR FILE!
3. Inform your clients that they need to purchase an unlock key
4. When the client signs up for the key (i.e. makes their purchase), pass the variables of their signup to the engine and the decryptor file will be generated according to your specifications
5. Allow the client to download the unlock 'decryptor' file after payment has been made, explaining which folder they need to put the file into to make your script(s) run

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windows and linux
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