CodeLock is an easy to use and affordable PHP and HTML encryption software
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CodeLock is an easy to use and affordable PHP and HTML encryption software Its simple, but very effective...
Codelock is easy to use and is very portable. It does not require any special server configuration for your clients.
CodeLock is an easy to use and affordable PHP and HTML encryption software Try it out!
Want to try it first? Codelock V2.7 and Tracker 3.0 have a 15 day trial so you can try it for yourself. To check it out for yourself, click on download...

CodeLock is an easy to use and affordable PHP and HTML encryption software

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"...This script and HTML protection software represents a very effective toolkit for the protection of php scripts and HTML generated by them. Simple installation and offers very good value for money"
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Plus a whole lot more...

Codelock Dynamic Encoder

Do you want to encode your scripts "on-the-fly"? OR encrypt the HTML output of your existing PHP scripts?

Now you can integrate the Codelock Dynamic Encryptor within your own scripts! It works with PHP or HTML files! It also encodes your HTML Output.

Use it as a library script or simply include it as an extra function.

Now it's possible to encode your scripts in REAL TIME online on-the-fly with
CODELOCK Dynamic Encoder
"Encode & Deploy - Your Way!"

This script enables you to generate encrypted PHP scripts and it even encodes the HTML Output of your existing scripts! (in real-time)!
Encrypt your own scripts on your server, in real-time on-the-fly for downloading OR while running!

Overall Security: Good

Check out all these Features of the Codelock Dynamic Encoder:

  • The Encoder works with any install of PHP4.x or better
  • Runs in Real-time and online. You can include it within your own scripts as a function!
  • You can use ZLIB compression for better security and file size
  • Encode your PHP scripts instantly
  • Protect the HTML source code of your active (running) PHP scripts or pages by including the encoder
  • You can also specify the right-click protection message

The Codelock Dynamic Encoder has two modes:

Encode file mode

In this mode you can specify a source file and a destination file, and run the Encoder as a real-time encoder. This mode will create an encoded PHP file of an existing PHP or HTML file, and you have the option of encoding the HTML Browser output!

Encode running page mode

In this mode, you can place the encoder (with an include) at the top of any HTML or PHP page (must have a PHP extension). Then, the encoder will encode the browser HTML output of the current page in real-time.

To see what it does, right click and view the source of this page! This page currently has the Encoder embedded at the top of the page. This is what the code looks like:

Simply put the dyncodelock.php file into the same folder as your files and you have a real-time PHP/HTML Encoder engine!

To Encode your files in real-time, the way you want...

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Works with:
Codelock works windows and linux
Windows, Linux and FreeBSD servers