CodeLock is an easy to use and affordable PHP and HTML encryption software
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CodeLock is an easy to use and affordable PHP and HTML encryption software Its simple, but very effective...
Codelock is easy to use and is very portable. It does not require any special server configuration for your clients.
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Plus a whole lot more...

Codelock JOOMLA HTML Encoder
Only works till Joomla 1.7

Do you wish you could protect your Joomla pages HTML source code?

Now it's possible to protect Joomla HTML with
JOOMLA 1.7 HTML Encoder
"The HTML Protector for Joomla Websites"

Now you can protect all your HTML source code for your Joomla pages. It encodes ANY page you specify including modules, components and everything else! This module is easy to install and easy to configure. Plus it's Search Engine friendly!

It enables you to encrypt / encode all of your page's HTML source code and disable the right mouse click with a customizable error message.

Protect the HTML source code for any of your Joomla Websites!
Click here to view the installation Instructions for the Joomla Encoder

Overall Security: Basic

Check out all these Features of the Codelock Joomla HTML Encoder:

  • The Encoder works with Joomla 1.7
  • Its very easy to install and configure
  • Protect your pages HTML source code
  • It stops people from stealing your email address with automated robots
  • You can specify which pages to include or exclude
  • You can specify the right-click protection message
  • You can choose to leave your META tags in tact
  • You can select Auto Detect mode! If the visitor to your site is a human, it will encode the source code. If the visitor is from a search engine bot, it will show the full source code. It's Search Engine friendly! This feature is not found on normal HTML encoders!
DEMO: Click here to go to the demos page and see how it works

Yes, its simple, but its very effective and works on your Joomla pages as well as all your plugins, modules and components!

For the security conscience minded people, this is what you need...

click here to purchase the Codelock Joomla HTML Encoder

Works with:
Codelock works windows and linux
Windows, Linux and FreeBSD servers