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Do you need to encrypt your PHP Pages for distribution? Are you looking for an affordable solution?

We offer you:

You can obfuscate (scramble) and encrypt your PHP or HTML pages and files for distribution without worrying about others who might want to copy your code. With Codelock V1.5, you can safely encode your PHP scripts and pages at the click of a button!

Codelock V1.5
Codelock - The PHP and HTML code and script encoder / decoder
ONLY $35 USD - one time payment - unlimited license

Overall Security: Good

Codelock V1.5 Uses obfuscation techniques to "scramble" your code so that it is unreadable
by people. The security level is very good, but it should not be used for highly sensitive data.
For the best security, we recommend Version 2.


  • Works with any install of PHP past 4.x
  • Requires no additional software to run on the server
  • Requires no changes to the webserver (with default PHP installation)
  • Runs super fast... You won't even notice the difference in speed
  • Encrypts PHP or HTML files (including javascript)
  • Protects your MYSQL login details
  • Works with both <? and <?PHP type tags
  • Encrypts PHP Browser Output (Protects HTML data / form data / email addresses - Can be used for Safeguarding the return URL for PAYPAL)
  • Protects your intellectual property and the security of your applications
  • Password protect scripts with your own password key. This allows you to distribute scripts for shareware purposes
  • Create your own expiry date so that trial software, scripts, or pages run out after a specific time
  • PHP pages are also compressed to approximately 1/3 of their file size
  • Extremely light weight - Decryptor file: 8k (No other files necessary when distributing / running your scripts)
  • Affordable (compared to other PHP encryptors)
  • Easy to set up only takes a few minutes to get started
  • Unlimited license. Pay for it once, use it as much as you like on any of your scripts - forever!
  • Easy to Use - Even PHP beginners can work out how to use it. You could be encrypting your pages in just 5 minutes from now!

    All you need to do is:

    1. Encrypt your page(s) with the encryptor - Up to 6 at a time!
    2. UNZIP and Save out your new encrypted PHP Page(s)
    3. Include the decryptor file along with your encrypted PHP page(s)
    4. Send/Run your PHP page(s) safely!

Codelock V1.5 works by encrypting your entire PHP page (including HTML and Javascript). You simply browse your computer harddrive for your file(s) - up to 6 at a time. Just click on "ENCRYPT" and a ZIP file will be automatically generated for you! Once your page(s) are encrypted, you can then safely distribute your PHP scripts to others. You can password protect your scripts with an unlock key for added security AND you can specify an expiry time if you want to.

An added feature is that you can choose to encrypt all of your PHP browser output. This means you can protect form data, variables and return URL's (i.e. for PAYPAL) - so people can't cheat your system and read your source code...

Codelock V1.5 works by encrypting the entire PHP page. You can also have PHP mixed with HTML and javascript. It uses unique (unconventional) algorithms and code obfuscation techniques for its encryption. Codelock V1.5 is an easy-to-use, reliable and affordable solution.

Remember: Codelock V1.5 also encrypts your PHP HTML browser output data. So no one can see what's going on in your HTML by viewing your source code.

For a simple and affordable solution click here to purchase, or to compare between versions 1.5 and v2 - click here

Screenshot of the Encryptor


Works with:
windows and linux
Windows and Linux servers


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