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Overall Security

Works with any install of PHP4.x and upwards

Needs PHP 4.0.1+
Requires no additional software to be installed (on your server or on your clients server) - Codelock V2 is ISP friendly!
Works both on your 'localhost' server OR online via HTTP
Works via HTTP only
Works online
Works on Linux and Windows operating systems
Requires no changes to the web server (with default PHP installation)
Encrypts PHP or HTML files (including HTML or javascript embedded into PHP)
Encrypts HTML web pages as an added extra
PHP Pages
Does NOT require ZLIB for encryption (ZLIB is optional)
Works with both <? and <?PHP type tags
Encrypts Browser HTML Output (Protects HTML data / form data / image URL's and email addresses - the right click function is also disabled!)
Right click is not disabled. Display is slower.
Protects your MYSQL login details and your source code
Encrypt 'segments' of your page(s)
No. Works invisibly
Encrypt individual files, complete directories, or ZIP files
Encrypts only 6 pages at one time
Encrypts from directory
Password protect scripts with your own unique unlock key
Uses password system only
Unique page Encryption - Your files are uniquely encrypted according to your own key
LOCK your script to specific IP addresses or domain names
Create your own expiry date so that trial software, scripts, or pages run out after a specific time or on a specific date
Expiry option is only after a specific time
Customize the expiry message with your own expiry message
The expiry message is preset
Your PHP pages can be compressed to approximately 1/3 of their file size
Extremely light weight - Decryptor file: 33k or 12k (depending on encryption option - No other files are necessary when distributing or running your scripts)

Create / Save and Open multiple projects
No. Works invisibly
Affordable (compared to other PHP encryptors)
Easy to set up only takes a few minutes to get started
Unlimited license. Pay for it once, use it as much as you like on any of your scripts - forever!
Runs super fast... You won't notice any loss of speed when your script is running

Slight delay when encrypting
Easy to Use - with a GUI Wizard-style encryption process, even PHP beginners can work out how to use it in a few minutes...
Works invisibly
Built-in Help - Simply mouse-over the different functions for a full description of what they do and how to use them
Works invisibly
Automatic encryption of your software online in real-time according to form data
Encrypt any PHP scripts invisibly on-the-fly
No longer available

We have the best encryption software to meet every need!

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Works with:
windows and linux
Windows and Linux servers


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Codelock2 engine
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