CodeLock is an easy to use and affordable PHP and HTML encryption software
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CodeLock is an easy to use and affordable PHP and HTML encryption software It's simple, but very effective...
Codelock is easy to use and is very portable. It does not require any special server configuration for your clients.
"NICE !! Just about sums it all up really. A very elegant solution to a tricky problem - well done." - Campbell (
"...thanks a lot for your help your product is excellent"
- Albert (
"...This script and HTML protection software represents a very effective toolkit for the protection of php scripts and HTML generated by them. Simple installation and offers very good value for money"
- (Mike Wright UK)
"Your products so great and I'm glad I found it"
- Dave K
"your ...Codelock v.2.7 LOOKS GREAT and is really WONDERFUL... THANKS..."
- Stefano M
"Its a very clever script!"
- Zac
"I purchased your product
And love it, it's awesome... Thanks again, for the great product " - Mat

Plus a whole lot more...

Want to try it for yourself?

Codelock Tracker 3.0

Click here for a LIVE Demo or Download Tracker 3.0 Trial Version

Codelock V2.7

To download a 15 day trial of the Codelock software click here:

Codelock V2.7 Online Demo
NOTE: This is a slightly older version, but demonstrates how the interface works
Codelock V2.7 - 15 day trial (285 kb)

Note: The software should be used for demonstration (test) purposes only. The software will expire within 15 days.

Codelock Dynamic Encoder

To view a page that dynamically encodes the HTML output, have a look at the page on this website!

Click here

Note: This is only one MODE of the Dyamic Encoder... The other mode allows you to use it as an engine to create PHP (or HTML) files in real-time.

Codelock Joomla HTML Encoder

Joomla HTML Encoder is now available for Joomla 1.6/1.7:

Click here to download the demo for Joomla 1.7

Click here to download the demo for Joomla 1.5

Limitations: You cannot change the popup message. Apart from that, its FREE to use, and doesnt expire!


Works with:
Codelock works windows and linux
Windows, Linux and FreeBSD servers