Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to use Codelock for PHP?

We have developed Codelock to cater for the following reasons:

  • People (such as shareware authors) can publish, or send their PHP scripts to others in encrypted form, thereby protecting their intellectual copyright.
  • People on shared or hosted server space can upload their scripts in the knowledge that the ISP cannot read the code within their scripts
  • So that developers working on freelance projects do not have to give away all of their legacy code during a project - Codelock will allow them to protect the elements that they do not want the client to have full access to
  • So that you can prevent others from peeking into your code and find security holes
  • To Prevent people from stealing Form data such as return URLs (for PAYPAL) and to stop people from stealing the HTML design and layout of a webpage
  • We created Codelock because we wanted a PHP Encryptor for some of our own in-house software that we needed to distribute. We decided to make it available to the Public because we were happy and impressed with the Encryptor's performance. We also realise that this type of software can be quite costly, so we decided to make an affordable solution for everybody.

What is Codelock?

Codelock for PHP™ and HTML is a simple and easy to use software system that allows you to quickly and securely encrypt your PHP or HTML files to protect not only your intellectual property, but also sensitive information such as database passwords and code functionality. Codelock allows you to distribute your scripts with piece of mind.

How does Codelock work?

Codelock for PHP and HTML converts your plain-text PHP scripts into an encoded format. It also allows PHP mixed with HTML. All you need to do is include the decryptor file along with your php files and it enables any version of php (php4+) to read your files in and decode them.

What are the system requirements for Codelock for PHP?

Codelock for PHP client is currently available for Windows® platforms to encode files for Linux and Windows®. The HTML encryptor works on any server (since the decoder is also written in javascript). The HTML encryptor does NOT need the codelock.php decoder file since it runs in stand-alone format.

PHP Encrypted files work on any version of PHP4+ on any platform; encrypted versions of files work on any Linux / Windows compiled version of PHP.

Is there a limit to how many scripts I can encode?

No. You have an unlimited license! This means you can encode as many files as you like as often as you like (as long as they belong to you). Forever.

Are there restrictions on distributing scripts encoded with Codelock for PHP?

No. You can distribute as many as you like. There are NO additional costs for distributing your scripts in any way

Is there a limit on the page size that I can encrypt?

No. You can encrypt pages of any size. Sometimes, we have found that it may be necessary to encrypt 'sections' of a page if your PHP code is non-conventional (i.e. uses functions that may have PHP bugs) - though this is not usually necessary.

Can I distribute the Codelock software?

You can obviously distribute the decryptor file, but you can not distribute the entire Codelock software. It is commercial software and must not be copied or distributed. However, we do have an affiliates system where you can tell people about our software and we will pay you 50% commission! Click here for more information.

Do I need PHP to run Codelock for PHP?

Yes. The encryptor is written in PHP and therefore needs to be run on a PHP server. It is also recommended that you have the ZLIB module installed (though not necessary). Scripts encoded with Codelock for PHP will require PHP to run (obviously)

What do my customers need to run Codelock for PHP encoded-applications?

PHP version 4.x or above, and the decryptor file (usually called: codelock.php) that is distributed with the scripts. They might however, need to match the PHP version that you have used to write your scripts. They will also need to CHMOD the directory of the files that you send them to 777 (version 1.5 only) and the decryptor file to 777.

How secure is it?

We must stress that if you’re going to release something to someone, it’s never going to be completely 100% secure. We would say that it's like providing security for a home. If you have locks on the doors and a good alarm system your house stands more of a chance of NOT being broken into. However, all these measures to protect your home can be bypassed by skilled individuals - As with any piece of software.

Codelock for PHP is a strong deterrent. Most end users will not be able to decipher your code and will have a difficult time working through the 24 levels of encryption used by the software (V1.5). It will take more than the average programmer to decipher your scripts. The fact is, any PHP encryption program does needs to decrypt the file at some time, so the code will theoretically be available to experienced crackers during its execution. However, it would take considerable expertise, a lot of time and a rewrite of some of the core PHP decode engine (codelock.php) to get at it. Note: The Decryptor file (codelock.php) is also Encrypted. As well as all this, it would be a violation of our reverse engineering policy.

As with any program though, reverse engineering is still possible, but in encrypting your pages with our software you have taken the right security precautions to complement your existing license agreement. In other words, if someone does 'get to your code', then they have gone through a lot of time and effort to "steal" your code deliberately and offend your copyright and our reverse engineering warning. We would venture to say that 80-90% of 'average' end-users would not bother trying to decrypt a file that has been encrypted with our software.

RE: Version 2 - the 'extra' difference...

Version 2 is uniquely different, because each page is encrypted differently (according to your own key). This means that hackers will find it very extremely difficult to hack. We would venture to say that it would be "near impossible" without the unlock key. Version 2 also uses a tiered unlocking system, whereby the decryptor itself would have to be manually unthreaded multiple times before a hacker could even see what's going on. This of course is reverse engineering and gives you or Codelock the right to take legal action if necessary.

If you really want to see how secure the encryption is, try downloading a test script that we have encrypted with Codelock V2. Click here.

Will Codelock for PHP affect performance?

The actual size of your encrypted files (encoded with the PHP encryptor) usually end up reasonably smaller that the original, so theoretically the end-user download time is faster. The actual time to process your scripts through the decoder is also very minimal. With a comparison of running decoded scripts compared to the original, the difference is virtually undetectable. We ran tests on some large PHP scripts and could not see any noticeable speed differences (i.e. the difference being measurable in milliseconds). With HTML encrypted pages and browser output encryption, we have noticed a slight delay as the page processes. This can be anywhere from 1-3 seconds (v1.5 only). V2 has a faster HTML decryptor process and you wont even notice the speed difference.

How long does the license last?

Your licensed copy of Codelock for PHP will NOT timeout and you will be able to encode files with it forever. Future updates (bugs, fixes etc) are free, upgrades (to newer version with increased functionality) will cost extra (usually the cost price, less the amount you have already paid for a previous version).

Will files work on Windows PHP servers?

YES! We ran numerous tests on Windows Apache and PHP servers and it worked fine.

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