How it works

Codelock V2.0 works by encrypting your entire PHP page(s) (including HTML and Javascript). You simply browse your computer harddrive for your file(s) or specify your server path. Then, enter your options through the 2-step wizard. When you're ready, simply click on "ENCRYPT". All your files will then be automatically encrypted for you!

Once your page(s) are encrypted, you can then safely distribute your PHP scripts to others. You can password protect your scripts with an unlock key for added security, you can lock your scripts to specific domain names or IP addresses AND you can specify an expiry time if you want to.

An added feature is that you can choose to encrypt all of your browser HTML output. This means you can protect form data, variables, email addresses, image URL's and return URL's (i.e. for PAYPAL) - so people can't cheat your system and read your source code...

Codelock V2.0

Version 2 ONLY $55 USD - one time payment - unlimited license

Codelock V2.0 is a simple yet advanced piece of software (written in PHP) that you can download and run from your own server (or your ISP if they have a PHP server). You could be up and running in 5 minutes from now! All you need to do is use the PHP / HTML file encryptor to encrypt your files. Simply click on browse to locate your files and click on "Encrypt". Once you do this, your files will be encrypted and ready for distribution.

For an article on why security is important - click here

Note: With the ZLIB compression option, your encrypted pages are also compressed to approximately 1/3 of their original file size (in encrypted format!)

Codelock V2.0 works by encrypting the entire PHP page. You can also have PHP mixed with HTML and javascript. Codelock V2.0 uses unique (unconventional) algorithms for it's encryption (along with some tried and tested methods) and it also encrypts each page with your own unique key.

This means that no decryptor or decryption method is the same and therefore your pages are harder to decipher, even by an experienced hacker. If a hacker ever managed to crack someone else's code (encrypted with Codelock), they would NOT be able to use a generic hack, since each page is encrypted differently every time, according to a key.

Codelock V2.0 is an easy-to-use, reliable and affordable solution.

Remember: Codelock V2.0 also encrypts your PHP HTML browser output data. So no one can see what's going on in your PHP-generated HTML (by viewing your source code).


Screenshot of the Encryptor

Screenshot of the Segment Encryptor

Some of your options within the Encryptor are:

Encryptor type: PHP

With the PHP Encryptor, you have the options of choosing an unlock key, expiry time, Lock to IP or domain name, Use ZLIB compression (for faster and smaller pages), Encrypt browser output (from your PHP scripts), change the expiry message, change the decryptor filename, enter a licensee name, script name, or extra comments (to appear on the one-time password/key-entrance page), Encrypt on the server or via HTTP (so the script works online) specify and output folder name (so all your encrypted files are stored in a specific folder).

You can also save or open your projects! and choose to create an unlock license for your software for a particular domain (or extend the expiry time).

Encryptor type: HTML

With the HTML Encryptor, you can encrypt your HTML files on your server (or via HTTP). You can specify an output folder, and the right-click function is also disabled on all your pages. With this option, you do not need to include the decryptor file.

Encryptor type: Segment

With the segment encryptor, you have the option of encrypting 'segments' of your page instead of the entire page. This is useful if you still wish to leave variables open to your end user to alter (i.e. for configuration files), but you can encrypt the rest of the page. You have the options of 3 different strengths, and whether you want to use the PHP Encryptor or the HTML Encryptor

Click here for a simple demo of how it works, or click here to order now!


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