Resellers - exclusive offer

We have an exciting and very unique Resellers Opportunity... (NEW)

If you are familiar with internet marketing and believe in the potential of making a huge profit through the web, we want to hear from you.

Right now, Codelock is looking for EXCLUSIVE CODELOCK AGENTS for different countries. Exclusive meaning that we only want one Exclusive Agent for each major country.

Our type of software is in demand right now and our sales have surpassed all of our expectations and STILL GOING STRONG! We give you the opportunity to get on board and help us share in our profits...


If your country is listed, you can still become a reseller, but you will need to contact us so we can refer you to our Codelock Agent (in your country) to signup through them. Click here.


You are in luck! This is your opportunity to get in at the top level... and make a lot of money as the ONLY Codelock Agent for your country.

This is what you're in for:

1. You can become the one and ONLY exclusive Codelock Agent agent for your country. If other resellers in your country want to sign up, they will be directed to you - to signup under you. THE EXCLUSIVE CODELOCK AGENT GETS A CUT ON ALL THE PROFITS from ALL the resellers in their country!

2. You make 50% profit on ALL your sales profits and 50% of ALL your resellers profits.

3. You can sign up other resellers and offer them 10 - 50% commissions on the retail price of the Codelock software. All you need to do is pay Codelock 50% of all your earnings at the end of the month. Thats all. No strings attached.

"Start making some money by becoming an Exclusive Codelock Agent for your own country."

Official Codelock Agents by country so far...

New Zealand
Website Creations Ltd



AGT Japan Software and Services Co Ltd


You could be the next Exclusive Codelock Agent for your country!


Your sales:

You sell our software for the recommended retail price of $55 (USD). You keep 50% of the sale = $27.50 and pay the remaining 50% to codelock. For example, lets say at the end of the month you sell $1000 worth of software (after returns, refunds, chargebacks, affiliate fees etc). You simply keep $500 and pay the remaining $500 to Codelock. After all your sales have been made and processed.

Your reseller's sales:

You signup a reseller under you, and you offer them 50% sales commissions. Lets say at the end of the month, they sell $1000 worth of software (after returns, refunds, chargebacks, affiliate fees etc). They simply keep $500 and pay you $500.

You take 50% of the $500 i.e. $250 and pay the other 50% to Codelock ($250). You have just made $250. Remember, this is just from 1 reseller!

EVERY TIME your reseller makes money, YOU make money. Remember, you can still make your OWN sales by recruiting affiliates, and you keep 50% of all your profits at the end of the month AND 50% of all your reseller's profits.

The only problem is this: You must be prepared to manage the growing numbers of resellers who will signup under you, simply because they can be referred to you from other Codelock agents!

4. You can sign up affiliates to sell the software and all you need to do is pay 50% to Codelock for your total profits at the end of the month.

5. You will be provided with technical support.

6. You have complete freedom as an Exclusive Codelock Agent to automate your own system and manage your own affiliates and resellers. All Codelock asks for is 50% of all your earnings at the end of the month. We provide you with the software, and we make money together.

To apply to become an exclusive reseller in your country, you should:

1. Check the "Official Codelock Agents" country list (on this page) to make sure your country is not listed.

2. Download and read our Exclusive Codelock Agent Agreement to make sure you agree with our terms and conditions (31kb - WORD Document)

3. Read our EULA to make sure you understand our software agreement

4. Apply through email here: with your business name, country, contact details and why you should be the Exclusive Codelock Agent for your country.

5. Pay $500 (USD) registration fee (by arrangement)*

*The registration fee may be open to negotiation on a case-by-case basis and can be minimized depending on the success of your history or track record.

We are not necessarily obligated to say yes to every application.


We look forward to working with you.

The Team
Website Creations Ltd / Codelock
Rotorua - New Zealand


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